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An innovative tablet packaging solution for pharma

Short Description: 
Phuhtamakis Push Tab Is A Flexible Blister Solution For Tablet Packaging It Presents A New Childsafe Way Of Opening A Strip Pack By Pushing Through The Tablet Push Tab Provides An Alternative To Blister Or Cold Form Packsp

Push Tab® has been developed especially as an alternative to high barrier blisters and cold form packaging. Its main advantages are that it is PVC free and cost effective. The barrier properties are not affected in any way by pushing through the film and thus guarantee the highest levels of product safety. The risk of migration is also very low, as the laminate does not contain any solvents. Based on the typical market specification of PET-PE-Alu-PE/Surlyn, Push Tab® is suitable for all climate zones. The Push Tab® packaging is available in unlimited forms and shapes for differentiation. The material is also easy to print on with different technologies, which provides new opportunities for design and product visibility.