Injection Pens for Osteoporosis Therapy: More Convenience and Better Compliance

Injection Pens for Osteoporosis Therapy: More Convenience and Better Compliance

Haselmeier develops and produces innovative injection systems for subcutaneous self-delivery.

Studies have shown that effective osteoporosis therapy frequently depends on compliance. After one year, less than half of patients remain compliant with their prescribed treatment: Only 40 percent use the medication in question as prescribed. After two years, this number is just 20 percent. Injection pens for osteoporosis therapy could help patients to use their medication more consistently and therefore significantly improve the efficiency of their treatment.


Injection Pens for Osteoporosis Therapy are Comparable with the Use of Insulin Pens.

Based on experience with long-established treatment involving insulin pens, it can be assumed that patients significantly prefer pens over syringes, and even doctors prefer to prescribe injection pens than ready-to-use syringes. In daily use especially, injection pens are more popular among patients thanks to their safe, accurate and discreet use. Since there are already active ingredients that patients are able to deliver themselves subcutaneously with injection pens for osteoporosis therapy, it is now possible to permanently improve the efficiency of treatment.

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