FACA EXPORT and the new Technologies

FACA EXPORT has introduced the MULTI – COMPONENT MOULDING technology in their T-22 jar , renamed T-22 -B.


The MULTI – COMPONENT MOULDING technology consists in injecting into the same mold cavity two thermoplastic materials , that could be of the same class or not , of the same color or not . This technology is used in different sectors: automotive, aerospace, electronics, cosmetic … In each sector with a purpose.

In our particular case the MULTI – COMPONENT MOULDING technology has been introduced to minimize the deformation produced by the post- molding parts exceeding 10.0 mm thickness contraction. By minimizing this contraction, the components reached a better aesthetic market valuation. But this is not the only improvement, every kind of decorative technique applied to the T-22 -B presents a higher quality when applied to surfaces without distortion.

Another advantage, obviously important, is that the T-22 – B has lower internal stresses, reducing the risk of possible occurrences of breakage caused by attacks decorative paints or lacquers.

This technology will be progressively introduced to other products in the range of FACA EXPORT. 

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