Deliveroo giving Singapore eateries eco-friendly takeaway packaging options

The partnership will offer over 80 compostable packaging options made from plants and produced from recycled paper at a discounted rate to the delivery firm's restaurant partners in Singapore.

The announcement follows a soft launch to select restaurant partners earlier this year.

Deliveroo has extended the initiative to its 4,500 restaurants islandwide, which can now make their orders for BioPak packaging online at a 20 per cent discount, and customise compostable packaging options based on their needs.

Options include delivery bags made from recycled paper, paper takeaway containers, napkins and straws, all of which are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) - meaning the products come from responsibly managed forests.

There are also clear bioplastic cups and bowls and a range of sugarcane pulp takeaway containers derived from rapidly renewable plant sources available.

With this partnership, almost all of the company's packaging options are now eco-friendly and compostable, Deliveroo said.

Gary Smith, CEO of BioPak, said: "Our packaging is made from plant-based rapidly renewable resources, FSC certified paper and recycled paper, and is designed to be durable, plastic-free, recyclable and compostable.

"We hope more restaurants will adopt such environment-friendly packaging and do their part to contribute to a truly circular economy solution."

Other sustainability initiatives by Deliveroo include an "opt out cutlery" feature on the app, and a partnership with Impossible Foods, creators of the plant-based Impossible Burger, which is now available to Deliveroo customers.



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