CELL pouch 100 % recyclable 100 % innovative

CELL pouch 100 % recyclable 100 % innovative

100% recyclable, high-barrier against oxygen and water vapour, particularly durable and suitable for filling with hot contents. BBC Cellpack Packaging sets standards for flexible packaging with the CELLPouch.


CELLPouch is a state-of-the-art product through and through and apart from its excellent material properties, its sustainability is what makes the product so special. The stand-up pouches are 100% recyclable and already meet the European Commission's requirement, according to which all plastic packaging on the EU market must be recyclable by 2030. The printed laminate film used in the CELLPouch pouches as well as the closure including a cap can be disposed of with the household waste via the Dual Systems and are given a new use as recycled plastic, for example, as a garden tool or child seat.

Thanks to its barrier properties and child-resistant closure system, our CELLPouch is perfect for baby food and fruit purée. The pouches can be fitted with a cap on the side for filling with cosmetics or cleaning products. An optimally adapted, recyclable laminate was also developed for precisely this application. What’s more, the pouches, which are available in fill sizes between 75 and 750 ml, can also be personalised: Printing effects in flexographic or gravure printing, coloured spouts and the integration of embossed logos or emojis are possible with no problem.

The innovative ultrasonic technology used to produce CELLPouches at our French site reduces carbon emissions and material consumption and makes it possible to process recyclable, biodegradable monomaterials. The latter, in particular, is of central importance for us as a member of the Ceflex initiative. We also took an innovative approach to developing CELLPouch and founded an in-house start-up that was able to act independently as an interdisciplinary team.

The development team realized CELLPouch with external partners and suppliers over a period of about two years and is also entrusted with the support of CELLPouch after the product launch. We are thus able to offer our partners the best comprehensive technical support service for the innovative CELLPouch stand-up pouches.

Good for our customers, good for consumers, good for the environment.

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