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Aptar Food + Beverage Creates a New Bi-Textured Closure for Dry Herbs and Spices

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Paptar Food Beverage A Global Leader In Innovative Dispensing Solutions In The Food Market Has Launched A New Bitextured And Bicolored Closure Solution For The European Food Market For The New Eurojar From Mccormick Amp Company A Global Leader In Spices Seasoning Mixes Condiments And Other Flavourful Productsppnbspp

First introduced in May 2018 in the United Kingdom with the brand Schwartz, and in December 2018 in France with the brand Ducros, the new Eurojar custom-designed closure by Aptar will awaken cooking creativity in kitchens worldwide and meet consumers’ expectations for quality, convenience, and freshness. Produced at Aptar’s facility in Torello, Spain, the new closure solution leverages bi-injection technology to deliver a multi-color and multi-texture finish, drawing attention on store shelves and giving consumers a superior dispensing experience with an easy grip, and one-hand opening. The audible “click” can help to ensure resealability and promote freshness, while the active hinge provides a hygienic pouring experience.
Aptar’s Eurojar closure and colors were custom-made for McCormick to provide a bold and modern appearance, helping with flavour recognition on shelf and at home. McCormick spices are identified by four different colors: orange for spices, bright green for herbs, purple for seasoning mixes and grey for pepper.

McCormick was recognised for the design of its new Eurojar featuring the new closure, which won first prize in the consumer products category at a 2018 French packaging awards ceremony.


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