Zipnventtm Fully Sealed Microwave Package

Glad Microwave Steaming Bag

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ms. belinda tang
general manager for overseas business

  For food manufacturer, zipnventtm microwave steaming package can be made to fully sealed, the vent only starts to open when the package is being microwaving. Advantages are to avoid. water leaking problems, food contamination during storage, transportation and point of sales.

No need to piece bag before put food package into microwave.Only set timer, pressure will generate inside the food package during microwaving. Package will inflate, excess pressure & steam will lease out from the leasing vent. After microwave, tear open bag at notch by hand easily with our easytearing straight line feature. a delicious meal is ready to serve. If you have the packaging innovations to submit Then please email the picture and the full contact details to for our consideration  

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