stack wines

innovative packaging of wine that is multifunctional pack for party, individual, multiserve...and so on

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stack wines california
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matt zimmer jodi wynn

revolutionary product that vertically stacks four shatterproof, individually packaged stemless pet wine glassesthis forms the equivalent of one full bottle of wine.concept is a complete deviation from any traditional wine packaging vehicle.these prefilled "glasses" come, zipped into a convenient pet shrinksleeve.users simply zip loose the sleeve, snap apart the glasses, and peel back a foil seal to sip.the new packaging utilizes language and graphics to show users intuitively how to use the productproclaiming, "zip, snap, sip" and the tagline "take it with you."a seethrough sleeve, pairing notes, and lifestyle suggestions for scenarios where stack prevails over traditional wine bottles, such as places where glass isn&39t allowed

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