squeeze & measure closure accurately doses floor cleaner

three part assembly system

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berlin packaging hayward
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executive sales

&bulla fitmentfree closure with a builtin squeezeactivated dispenser makes measuring 1oz doses of concentrated cleaning solution accurate and messfree.&bullhardwood concentrated floor cleaner, for use with its freedom spray mop. the mop features a detachable, 18oz refillable bottle that dispenses cleaning product diluted with water through a trigger sprayer. &bullproprietary closure assembly features a translucent green measuring chamber that screws onto the squeezable pet bottle. the vacuumsealed dosing chamber visibly fills to a 1oz level through a dip tube as users squeeze the bottle, and returns excess product to the bottle cavity to avoid overdispensing. &bullwhen the chamber is full, the consumer simply flips the cap open and pours the cleaner into the bottle attached to the freedom mop, where it is diluted with water.  

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