Solution for Highly Viscous Drugs

COC based syringes for highly viscous drugs and available in 1ml to 50ml

Company Name: 
Schott AG
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Marketing Manager
  • SCHOTT TopPac® prefillable syringes are made of COC (cyclic olefin copolymer).
  • These syringes are suitable for highly viscous drugs and are available from 1 ml to 50 ml.
  • The ready-to-fill syringes are break resistant, light weight, and transparent with a glass-like appearance.
  • They show excellent barrier properties, no ion or heavy metal release, and a lower particle level than glass.
  • The high moisture barrier enables the long-term storage of drugs – even in small containers.
  • Terminal sterilization (autoclaving) after filling is possible.
  • The integrated user lock offers superior robustness and ease of application for the final user.
  • The syringes are packed in nests and tubs, like glass syringes.
  • They can be processed on all common syringe filling lines.
  • The polymer syringes comply with international quality standards such as USP, EP and JP 
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