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Smart cup Technology

Smart Cups has launched printed line of 3D- Ploycapsule of energy drink in 4 different flavor. The Smart cup can print flavor material on surface of biodegradable cup and to activate the drink consumer add water to cup and an empty cups turns in a cup of zero calorie and sugar free drink .

 Smart Cups is a sustainability-driven technology company with a mission to provide a mindful path forward for the beverage industry and beyond.

Smart Cups can print beverage ingredients right inside of cups made out of eco-friendly bioplastic material, but it doesn’t end there. Smart Cups Technology can be used to print ingredients onto any surface. 

Smart Cups Technology was created with a drug-delivery system in mind- offering precise dosage while being easy to drink/consume. Every time you fill a Smart Cup, you know exactly what you’re getting- the perfect pour. All you have to do is add water and let the drink mix itself.  Let the drink fully dissolve in about 45-90 seconds.

With the ability to print ingredients onto any type of surface, our technology reimagines the way beverages are manufactured, packaged, transported and consumed. And, if this  technology is adopted across the beverage industry and others, the reduction in carbon emissions would literally be planet-saving.

 Creating a new standard for environmentally conscious products and paving the way to a brighter, more sustainable future.

As the World’s First Printed Beverage, this  technology eliminates the storage and transportation of liquids, which significantly reduces our carbon footprint.


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