seal 3 trays with map at 120 per minute.

providing a better seal than flowwrapping, ishida qx tray sealers hygienically seal almost any size and shape tray, including 3.

Company Name: 
heat and control, inc.
Contact Person: 
bill klein

produce leakproof hygienic seals, use less film, and extend shelf life using modified atmosphere packaging with the ishida qx1100 tray sealer.  run almost any tray shape and size with only 10minute changeovers.  selfdraining surfaces and notools removal of conveyors make sanitation quick and easy.  ishida qx1100 beats traditional flowwrapping and is available in split duallane models that seal two completely different trays at once.  for a demonstration and details, contact heat and control, inc. at 800 227 5980 or

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