RetroNose to enhance therapeutic efficacy of nasal treatments

The clinical efficacy of a nasal treatment depends on how it is deposited in the nose, because the pharmaceutical target (local, systemic, brain) is directly related to a specific nasal anatomical site.

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That’s why Nemera has collaborated with CEPR to develop a different and portable delivery technology called RetroNose for a better drug deposition in the distal region of the nose, without lung deposition.

What are the main benefits of RetroNose?

  • Improve drug efficacy via a wide and homogeneous deposition
  • Provide enhanced residence time
  • Reduce patient to patient variability
  • Offer the possibility of treatment of the nose and throat in one go with potential therapeutic benefits

As such, RetroNose technology improves the therapeutic effect of local and systemic nasal treatments.

How does it work?
RetroNose uses a breath-actuated pMDI to administer the drug through the buccal cavity during the nasal expiratory phase. The drug particles enter the nasal cavities through the rhinopharynx, which has a significant impact on drug deposition profile.

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