Pop up pourer

This Jumping pourers or pop up pourer closure is an innovative closure for Olive Oil and alcoholic market.

Company Name: 
Jump'n Pour
Contact Person: 
Doron Rigel
CEO of Jumpn'Pour

This Pop-Up Pourer springs from the bottle as soon as the cap is removed to reveal a professional-style pourer that delivers a clean, drip-free pour of liquid products. When the cap is screwed back onto the bottle, the Pop-Up Pourer retracts to seal in freshness. The Jumping Pourer is integrated seamlessly with the end customers to fit with all elements taking part for successful result, learning about each customer package, cap and capping machine. The Jumping Pourer is supplied together with the cap as an insert, therefore no changes are required for a smooth transition with the current filling line facilities. Jumpn'Pour's Jumping Pourer is the recognised pioneer and industry leader of capping solutions that increase brands' bottom line due to its innovative pop-up, and flow regulating solutions.



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