Plastic free pet food packaging

The leading family owned British Pet Food manufacturer, Butcher’s since its formation in 1987 have been concerned with the health of our environment, culminating in the recent launch of its “Towards a better plastic-free future” initiative. 

Company Name: 
Ardagh Group
Contact Person: 
José Christine ter Mors
Communications Manager Europe
  • While Butcher’s has replaced the plastic shrink wrap packaging on its multipacked cans of food for dogs with recyclable and biodegradable cardboard, the one item of packaging that retains its importance to the product is the can.
  • The 400 and 1200-gram metal can, produced for over 15 years at Ardagh Group’s Sutton in Ashfield plant in the UK, is at the heart of Butcher’s environmental pledge
  • It states “Our cans are infinitely recyclable forever. These metals can be easily and sustainably turned into new materials, like car parts, bicycles or even more cans!”
  • Much of the thought and work behind this initiative has come from within the ‘Dog Strategy Team’ at Butcher’s, comprising representatives from all levels within the company. They looked closely at retail trends and spoke to suppliers such as Ardagh.
  • Rachel Collinson, Director – Food for Dogs at Butcher’s Pet Care, said: “We know that reducing plastic packaging waste is a key concern for consumers. We also appreciate the environmental credentials of the metal can, which is so easy to take for granted. 
  • There is no doubt that with the support of Ardagh, it makes a significant contribution towards our overall sustainability.”
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