Octagonal Drum

Octagonal drum for bulk products

Company Name: 
Embaquim Industria e Comércio Ltda.
Contact Person: 
Marketing Manager
Sales & Marketing
•Embaquim is pioneer in bag in box production in Brazil.
•Embaquim produces bags from 0,2 gallon to 300 gallon.
•It’s portfolio includes reels, plastic bags and a huge range of nipples and caps options.
•Manufacturing process is fully automated, using 100% virgin and nontoxic raw material.
•It ensures full traceability, widely tested on their physiochemical characteristics and simulation use.
•Examples - Octagonal bin 300 gallon, drum liner 55 gallon, customized bags (size and structure), pouch (with or without) dose tube 0,2 gallon liquid soup or alcohol gel, round-bottomed bag, standard bag in box.

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  • anon
    Sanjay Malik (not verified)

    very nice product, similarly can it tailor made for bopp film printed rolls for shifting one machine to other machine within factory

    Oct 11, 2017

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