nova 6

machinery for flexible plastic woven fabric for packaging wide range of solid materials. working width double flat lay from 30 to 85 cm.

Company Name: 
lohia starlinger limited
Contact Person: 
ms. anvita sarkari
manager sales promotion

nova 6 is the latest machine in the series of looms developed by the house of lohia. with an accumulated experience in design and manufacturing technologies, the earlier known barriers of speed have been comfortably overcome. speed of 1100 picks per minute has been achieved without any compromise on the quality and productivity. the looms are designed to even weave light fabrics at high production rates. the tension of warp tapes is regulated via load cell type positive infeed system, supplied as standard with the machine which produces fabric of improved quality. speed of inlet rollers is regulated during weaving as per set tension. the surface winder for fabric also has a load cell assisted drive to ensure uniform winding tension of the fabric throughout the build. microprocessor based controller system is used for setting various machine parameters as well as for indicating useful production data. detailed information shift wise as well as cumulative, for production, machine efficiency, actual running time with warpweft breakage and weft end incidents, can be obtained by the machine evaluation system.features1100 picksminutelow energy consumptionlow maintenance costgood space utilization

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