multispectrum metal detector ends false rejects.

ceia ms21 metal detector uses the worlds only multispectrum technology to ends false rejects caused by product effect without reducing sensitivity to all metals.

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heat and control, inc.
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bill klein

ceia ms21 multispectrum metal detectors eliminate the waste and delay of false rejects, yet maintain the highest level of sensitivity to all metal contaminants.using the world&rsquos only multispectrum technology, the ceia ms21 outperforms multifrequency metal detectors for inspection of high product effect foods such as fresh meats, salads, tortillas, cheese, frozen and nonhomogeneous products. standard features include a singlebutton preview of detection settings, including the range of frequencies used, sensitivity level, metal type, and particle size,  also helps reduce detection errors.  ip69krated for superior highpressure, hightemperature wash down protection, all ceia 21series metal detectors feature conformal coated circuit boards for superior resistance to internal condensation. ceia multispectrum detectors automatically learn and track product effect conditions.  ceia&rsquos autolearn system selects, displays, and stores the optimal sensitivity settings for up to 500 products. bluetooth connectivity for programming and data collection without physically accessing the detector&rsquos interior, ethernet connection capability, usernamepassword access for up to 40 users, compliance with haccp and fda title 21 cfr 11 for traceable inspection event recording and reporting.the world&rsquos largest manufacturer of metal detectors, ceia also builds single and threefrequency metal detectors for snacks, candy, pharmaceutical products, and other falling, pumped, and conveyed products.  for a demonstration and details, contact heat and control, inc. at 800 227 5980 or

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