multi shell vial

three layer structure vial ideal for sensitive pharmaceuticals packaging.

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gerresheimer ag
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jens krten
group senior director communication & marketing

multilayer vials consist of a unique threelayered structure in which inner and outer layers are made of cop with a middle layer made of is ideal for parenteral medications, biopharmaceuticals and oncological drugs due to their special highperformance polymer structures.the multilayer structure faciliatate protection of their content by way of a sandwich or multilayer structure composed of cyclic olefin polymer plus a polyamide layer as an oxygen barrier.this protects sensitive pharmaceuticals against oxidation and water vapor, and the polyamide oxygen barrier increases their shelf life. this combination improves the oxygen barrier properties by 40 times that of conventional cop monolayer vials, whilst retaining the cop material advantages.the high shock resistance of the threelayer structure makes the container more robust .the cop contact surface improves the stability of sensitive drugs because of the absence of heavy metal ions in the polymer and the very unpolar and inert surface which reduces the drugcontainer interaction.they can be used for  parenteral formulations of a wide ph range and provide a solution for such drug formulations which attack glass surfaces and generate glass particles by delamination. it can be used with standardized rubber closures and seals .the materials fulfill the most stringent requirements for biocompatibility and pharmacopeia requirements for pharmaceutical packaging made from plastic. for mores such innovations visit

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