Light Blocker for Monolayer Dairy PET Packaging

Holland Colours once again increases the cost-effectiveness of monolayer dairy PET packaging with third-generation Holcomer UHT light blocker.

Company Name: 
Holland Colours
Contact Person: 
Hans Werink
Project Leader R&T

Holland has developed advanced light barrier technology for UHT milk packaging: Holcomer III. With Holcomer III, is same as Holcomer II solution which provides 100% UV blocking and up to 99.9% visible-light blocking in a monolayer PET bottle – but at significantly lower costs. With this more economic version of Holcomer UHT milk brands save money on the switch from traditional carton packs with little design-freedom and three layer HDPE bottles to the latest light weight monolayer dairy PET packaging. By help of this PET offering single-layer UHT-compliant packaging at lower cost than was possible until now.

The benefits of Holcomer III include:

  • Cost effectiveness.
  • Highly concentrated solid format for easy handling and accurate dosing.
  • White monolayer bottles made with Holcomer III block 100% of UV radiation and up to 99.9% of visible light.
  • EU & FDA food-contact compliancy Enables manufacturers to offer PET recycling options.
  • Design flexibility

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