ishida checkweigher offers two weight ranges.

ishida dacsg checkweigher uses two weight ranges

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heat and control, inc.
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bill klein
packaging inspection machinery

use the same checkweigher for light and heavy packages.  ishida&rsquos new dacsg checkweigher provides two weight ranges for verifying the package  weight or content count of a wide variety of products. repeatable accuracy of up to 0.1gram at 3 sigma, and speeds to 440 packagesminute provide unbeatable inspection efficiency.dacsg model s015 easily switches from a 6g &ndash 600g range with 0.05ggraduations to 15g &ndash 15kg 0.1 g graduation.  model s060 changes from 30g3kg 0.2 g graduation to 60g6kg 0.5g graduation.ishida&rsquos latest digital highoutput load cell stabilizes weights quickly for high speed operation.  a proprietary 3d digital filter eliminates noise interference based on product size, weight, and speed resulting in unbeatable accuracy.  realtime weighing data can even be saved and managed using your personal computer so you can conveniently monitor productivity.the checkweigher&rsquos stainless steel body is durable, easy to clean, and compliant with haccp and gmp standards.  waterproof and corrosionresistant models with ip69k rating are available for use in the demanding production environments of cheese meat, and other processing plants.  notools removal of conveyor belts and the open design of the stainless steel framework reduce sanitation costs.for an integrated packaging system, dacsg checkweighers can be combined with ishida multihead weighers, ceia metal detectors, and ishida xray inspection systems.  for a demonstration and details, contact heat and control, inc. at 800 227 5980 or

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