Innovative twist lock

An innovative packaging solution has been developed by Charpak’s Technical and Engineering Team. The patented Twist-Loc container is manufactured from 75% recycled PET, including a minimum of 50% food grade recycled materials.

Twist-Loc is a durable rPET Thermoformed container designed for recyclability. This lightweight packaging can be manufactured either as a fully wrapped or labelled product dependent upon client requirements.

Available in a variety of dimensions, and gauge, and easily stackable, it offers multiple re-use opportunities, for both consumer and industrial use. At end of life as it is manufactured from a single polymer it is 100% recyclable in both industrial and household waste streams.

Twist-Loc is an new innovative packaging design which was developed as a solution to replace existing packaging which is injection moulded and manufactured from polypropylene. Originally designed for the retail market its use is multi-faceted, such as for ambient, chilled or frozen food and also non-food products.

The unique tamper-proof functionality of Twist-Loc is integrated in the packaging, so removing the risk of micro-plastics being lost to the environment. The security of products is protected in retail environments giving both retailers and consumers security in the knowledge products are pristine for purchase. The recyclable packaging with its tamper-proof mechanism also delivers a sustainable solution in the automotive and electronics and engineering markets where it can protect fragile component parts, high gloss parts, and sensitive electronics throughout the manufacturing process.

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