Innovation Leak Detection System

The production losses happens very frequently when products (pouches) leak so the companies take necessary steps to prevent this leakage and thus minimize producton losses. 

Qipack leak detection, reduced production failure with Clean Pouch

Company Name: 
Qipack - Quality Inspection Packaging
Contact Person: 
Alexander van Puijenbroek
Business Development

From leak detection to process control

Last year, leakage detection specialists, Qipack installed 4 leak detection devices at Scholle IPN. They were for newly installed production lines for pouches. Already, the production loss, due to leaking pouches has been reduced drastically and now Scholle IPN is ready for the next step: Process optimization.

There are some systems that can do leak tests, but not one system that can do this on the production line. Also there are no systems in the market which can check the seal quality of the sealed edges of the pouch as well as the seal quality between the bag and the spout”.  The Qipack system won last month’s NL Packaging award for Technical Innovation.


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