IBC for hazardous liquids

An innovative packaging for hazardous liquid products

Company Name: 
RIKUTEC judge Plastics Technology GmbH & Co. KG
Contact Person: 
Marketing Manager
•The POLY IBC is a 3-layer, all-plastic design product.
•It requires no standard lattice construction because of the enclosing outer box of HDPE.
•The POLY IBC is approved for the transport of hazardous liquids
–its smooth, closed surface provides reliable protection against damage for the inner container 
–low weight & space-saving
–perfectly stackable.
–prevents leakage of the fluids
–very high stability
–all-round protection against environment influences
–no corrosion damage
–easy to clean from the outside
–safe transportation
–reusable IBC
+49 2681 9546 0

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