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Key Technology
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Sandra Mcbride

Key technology introduces manta&trade, a new stateoftheart high volume, high performance sorter featuring a twometer wide scan area that dramatically increases throughput within a spacesaving footprint. handling up to 27 metric tons 60,000 pounds of processed vegetables or fruit per hour, manta offers high resolution scanning to detect and remove the smallest defects and foreign material. In addition to processed vegetables and fruit, manta is being developed for other industry applications. Designed for exceptional versatility and superior sanitation, This innovative sorter increases production capacity while maximizing product quality and food safety. With the highest number of sensors and image processing modules of any sorter on the market, manta maintains

The high resolution of the finest narrowbelt sorters on its wider, higher capacity frame. designed for flexibility, key can configure manta with up to eight topmounted color or visir visible infrared cameras and up to two topmounted fluoraptor&trade fluorescencesensing lasers.

Optional bottommounted sensors can be added to meet the specific needs of each application. Extreme modularity allows manta to be easily reconfigured in the field, which enables processors to confidently select a cameralaser arrangement today knowing that the sorting system can grow if their needs change. 

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