• An innovative reclosable system designed for flexible packaging made of heat sealable PE.
  • Self-gripping closure comprising of self-mating micro- hooks.
  • Its hook to hook technology enables consumers to easily seal their package without perfect alignment.
  • Unlike other closures, EASY-LOCK by APLIX® is perfect for all ages and its resistance to particulates keeps freshness locked in!
  • It runs on automated packaging machines: Horizontal FFS Vertical FFS Pouch making machines.
  • Last January, Kellogg’s launched a new flexible bag using the intuitive closure Easy-Lock by Aplix.
  • The flexible bag are now available in European countries for Special k muesli and crunchy nuts.
  • The bag is less bulky, easy to close and offering enhanced product preservation.
  • Its design comprises self-mating micro hooks, enabling seal their package without perfect alignment.
  • It is also used to be packed cheese, coffee, frozen food, pet food, confectionary and detergent.
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