Dupont Benevia - Insect Control Delivers Remarkably Healthy Crop Growth

Dupont india has announced the launch of a new generation insect control, Dupont™ Benevia® to help farmers establish their young crops for healthy growth and astounding harvests at the end. Benevia® is designed and optimized for foliar applications in fruit and vegetable crops to protect from sucking and chewing pests that lead to enormous crop losses to farmers. Dupont™ benevia® effectively reduces the biotic stresses through its rapid anti-feeding activity on pests & control of insect vectors that transmit plant viruses. This leads to enhanced produce quality & helps the crop to reach its full yield potential.

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Debarati Das

DuPont™ Benevia® is unique in the market because it controls both sucking and lepidopteran insects. It is powered by Cyazypyr®, the next generation diamide active ingredient from DuPont™ that has seen worldwide appreciation for excellent performance in countries such as China, Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam, New Zealand, Argentina and the USA. In India it is targeted to benefit fruit and vegetable growers in the southern and Western belts, especially in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra. This product is primarily designed for innovative farmers who desire better output and improved lives by adopting the latest technologies to grow crops.

“Our passion is to help farmers realize possibilities. The impossible becomes possible only when a powerful tool like DuPont™ Benevia® is used as per label directions. Farmers can then realize abundant crops that become breaking news,” said Ram Mudholkar, Director - DuPont Crop Protection, South Asia.  He stressed that maximum benefits are best experienced when DuPont™ Benevia® is used efficiently at early crop stage with two back-to-back two foliar applications at a 10-days interval.

Sucking insect pests cause great damage to crops by feeding and drawing juices from plant tissues. Heavily infested plants become yellow, wilted, deformed or stunted, and may eventually die. Some sucking insects inject toxic materials into the plant while feeding, and some transmit viral diseases.. DuPont™ Benevia® insect control, when applied at an early crop stage, quickly stops feeding damage from sucking insects and greatly reduces plant stress to achieve a stronger crop establishment. Therefore, farmers can realize more opportunities to experience astonishing crop abundance.

With a projected population of 1.3 billion in 2020, India has to produce 225 million tonnes of vegetables, 40 percent higher than 160 million tonnes in 2013. Therefore, it is crucial to maximize yields by protecting crops from insect related damages and to raise the nutritional value of food.

DuPont Crop Protection business works together with partners to help realize the potential of the land and the untapped potential of farmers. It provides farmers worldwide with a wide range of technologies to improve sustainable agriculture. DuPont Crop Protection in India is committed to bring world-class latest technology and safer products for the farmers.


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