DS Smith develops innovative seasonal presentation for Carl Pabst

The attractive seasonal presentation by DS Smith skilfully stages Carl Pabst seeds at the point of sale.

Company Name: 
DS Smith

With a very special display, the long-established company Carl Pabst Samen und Saaten calls attention to its broad range of quality seeding goods in food retail stores. The latest seasonal presentations will not be shipped to the stores on pallets in trucks as is customary, but with a courier service: in a shipping carton, completely fitted with the seed bags to be set up by the shop assistants on site in less than no time. This unusual display was developed by DS Smith in close cooperation with Carl Pabst. Made up of only a few parts, this time- and cost-effective solution is very solid and versatile. The high-impact display presents a maximum number of goods on a very small surface and makes the plant-lover’s heart leap for joy with its high-quality pedestal and top sign in offset print.

When previously ready-to-sale assembled stand-up displays only found their way into the store on pallets, selected groups of goods are now delivered by courier service – just in time for the beginning of the season. This was made possible by the new shipping display developed by DS Smith. For transport, the two drawer-containers with the pre-glued rack bottoms are placed back-to-back in the shipping carton. A filling piece and two security ribbons on each side make sure that the seed bags do not fall out of the drawers during transport. In addition to the efficient product securing, the material-saving solution guarantees the required dimensions for parcels and therefore an entirely cost-optimised shipment.

Once arrived at the retailer’s, the seasonal display already filled with the goods is easy and quick to assemble. Only a few touches are necessary before sales can start. The smart construction by DS Smith saves Carl Pabst material, time and costs for assembly and transport. At the same time, the solid and attractive shipping display always cuts a good figure on any sales floor. The drawer-containers offer a maximum presentation surface. Together with the adaptable pedestal and top sign, supplying every product line with a unique brand identity, they expertly stage the seed bags or potting sets. The display proves to be nature-loving even after use, since the mono-material solution made of corrugated board allows the display to be entirely recycled in the waste paper cycle.

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