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The FILLCHOICE® bag guarantees reconstitution in absolute safety and simplicity

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The FILLCHOICE® bag, created by Haemopharm's research and development, guarantees reconstitution also in association of antiblastic drugs in absolute safety and simplicity, owing to its patented closed circuit system. The bag can contain a basic infusional solution (solvent) with the volume and formulation requested for the reconstitution.

The main advantages are:

  • Closed circuit system during all preparation, reconstitution and infusion operations to the patient, physical and microbiological tests performed by Haemopharm's Laboratory
  • Possibility of dosing the drug
  • No filters, which are potential cause of drug particulate leak by aerosol effect, and the access of microorganisms
  • Handling of the pressure during the use, guaranteed by the special connector
  • Simple use and a significant reduction of the handling operations
  • No drug aerosol nor particulate leakage outside of the system
  • No needles
  • Drug evidence during the infusion session
  • Cost control
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