A Double Dose Of Drug Safety

Secumed2a Double Dose Of Drug Safety

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Sanex Packaging Connections Pvt Ltd
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Mrs Parul jain
Product Manager

Fake drugs expose patients and pharmaceutical manufacturers to serious risks. The growing incidence of pharmaceutical product piracy and drug tampering in recent years has magnified the risks to human health as well as the business of pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Together with the security experts from schreiner prosecure, schreiner medipharm has developed an innovative syringe label as part of its pharmacomb range to address this problem. Secumed2 provides particularly effective protection against counterfeiting and tampering due to its multistep system, consisting of overt and covert authenticity features.

The interaction between them facilitates the authentication of the product by the patient, physician or pharmacist. secumed2 protects the health of patients&mdashand pharmaceutical manufacturers from damage to their image as well as unjustified product liability claims. this protection has longterm value secumed2 has two detachable documentation labels with authenticity features. These can be applied to the patient&rsquos medical records to provide permanent proof of the authenticity and origin of the drug which has been adminstered to the patient

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