customized spinwelding key to seal karma cap

different kind of cap for sports & energy drinks that escalate the use of ultrasonic seal in karma cap. it is away fro push & pull mechanism,add easiness towards consumer convenient.

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branson ultrasonics usa
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executive sales

&bullclosure allows users to infuse fresh vitamins into beverage and then shake the bottle to initiate health benefits of its vitamin drinks.  &bullbranson ultrasonics corp, a subsidiary of emerson, helped karma culture llc overcome the challenge of welding the patented karma cap, a dispensing capsule that holds vitamins and other essential ingredients separate from the water until the consumer peels back the protective seal, pushes down on the cap, and gently shakes the bottle to mix the drink.  &bullthe driving force behind karma is that vitamins deteriorate in water, causing premixed vitamin drinks to lose their strength over time.   

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