Christmas Bow Label for Coca-Cola

Coke bottle is with innovative wrapping label for special occasions. This is a technically intelligent solution with seasonal value for high-speed lines.

Company Name: 
Constantia Flexibles
Contact Person: 
Daniel Smith
Head of Group Communications

Constantia Flexibles developed a Christmas Bow Label for Coca-Cola packaging. The Christmas Bow label for Coca Cola is a special  gravure printed 2 ply reel fed clear metallized OPP labels, laminated with special glue, available with or without perforation,  and a pull strip to convert the wrap around label into a “bow”. This special label was realized with our partner Eshuis BV based in the Netherlands. It is a technically intelligent solution that runs on high-speed lines and the consumer and the brand offer a playful seasonal value. From an original vital idea a commercial label solution was created where a loop forms a classic wrapping label.

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