Latest flexible packaging innovation will improve package clarity and extend freshness of moisture-containing food products

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Bostik, a leading global adhesive specialist for industrial, construction and consumer markets, has developed innovative anti-fog heat seal coatings for refrigeratable flexible packaging applications. Designed to improve package clarity and extend freshness for moisture-containing food products, these coatings allow converters and brand owners to address consumer preferences while streamlining processes and reducing overall costs

. Formulated to include both an anti-fog capability and heat seal functionality in one solution, Bostik’s co-polyester coatings require just one processing step instead of two, unlike many other options currently on the market. With low blocking, excellent seal strength to PET and good slip properties, they further simplify converting complexity while enhancing end-use package performance. Available in both an extrudable grade (Vitel® 1922AF) and a solvent-based alternative, these smart coatings work with existing converting equipment and can accommodate various manufacturing needs.

“We wanted to formulate solutions that help converters to simplify the process of producing anti-fog lidding films while enabling them to meet the requirements of both brand owners and consumers,” said Deepa Puthanparambil, Bostik’s Senior Chemist for the Global Industrial Adhesives business unit. “We are proud to say that our anti-fog heat seal coatings address needs across the entire value chain and fulfill an otherwise unmet need in the market.”

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