Baguette, innovative protective apple packaging

No more loose, bruised, unsellable apples!

The disadvantage of selling individual apples is that consumers pick the nicest looking ones leaving the bruised ones behind. This is why we developed the Baguette: a protective cardboard packaging in which beautiful apples can be packed in an undamaged state. This packaging stops apples bruising and becoming unsellable. The Baguette is available in printable, stackable single or quartet versions. The latter is subdivided into 4 separate sections to prevent the apples from rolling or bruising.

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Mr. Ruud Copper
Procurement Materials and Services

The baguette's advantages

  • Maximum apple turnover thanks to cardboard protection
  • Printable with, among other things, brand names, barcodes and/or recipes
  • Easy to stack / present thanks to practical packaging shape
  • Available as multi pack with 4 separate compartments
  • Available as portion pack (1x) for out-of-home consumption
  • Can be fully automatically filled with apples, pears or oranges

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