100 years up and ardagh still delivering the perfect mason

new vintageinspired ball brand heritage collection pint jar will inspire home preservers to event greater efforts with a glass jar that retains freshness and taste

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ardagh group
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sam wilson

a special 16oz glass jar has been manufactured by ardagh group for jarden home brands to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the iconic ball brothers &ldquoperfect mason&rdquo jar, beloved of millions of americans over countless generations who delight in the pleasures of preserving their own home made produce.the new vintageinspired ball® heritage collection pint jar represents the latest chapter in a proud history of serving the requirements of the growing number of people who preserve their own jams, pickles and chutneys, and who seek packaging that retains all the taste and freshness of the produce.ardagh worked alongside jarden home brands, who license the ball® home canning brand, to develop a new color and distinctive heritage design features for the unique limited edition jar.  the jar&rsquos new light blue color, was devised through a collaboration with ardagh&rsquos supplier ferro glass systems, a world leading color technology specialist.  they had to reproduce a &lsquoretro&rsquo version of how the jars would have looked 100 years ago, when glass containers did not have the &lsquoclear&rsquo appearance of today&rsquos products.ardagh&rsquos design team replicated the periodinspired jar and incorporated customembossed logos &ndash a &ldquovintage ball&rdquo logo on the front of the jar, and &ldquo100 year anniversary&rdquo on the backardagh group explains &ldquohome preserving is a growing and popular pastime for all ages as consumers look for healthier and more sustainable methods of feeding themselves and their families with freshlygrown and picked food. we know that consumers trust the timehonored and traditional benefits of glass to preserve taste and freshness, and we welcome this opportunity to help the ball® brand fresh preserving business bring these qualities to their large customer base.&rdquochris carlisle, senior vice president marketing for ball® brand  home canning products, said &ldquowith the 100th anniversary special edition we are capturing the iconic nature of the brand and providing the growing population of home canners with a product that they can put to immediate use or retain as a collector&rsquos item.&rdquo

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