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  • Drykeep Desiccant Material

    Maintain Ideal Internal Atmosphere For The Entire Life Of The Productprocesses In Filling Like With A Standard Bottle No Need To Heat, Loose Desiccant Insertion Or Inspection
  • Chocolate Puffs

    The new le whif, by its special design provides up to eight even puffs of chocolate, which you can enjoy over a coffee, or throughout a long afternoon.
  • Beverages In Square Bottles

    Cubis is an innovative packaging solution for the beverage industry. The patented beverage container brings a number of benefits to producers, distributors and consumers
  • Metallised Natureflex Wraps Thorntons Melts

    Innovia films metallised, biodegradable material, natureflex nm, has been selected by british confectionery manufacturer, thorntons, to wrap its new melts brand.
  • Luxury Packaging For Wine

    Luxe award winner pack for the category of innovation, design and technique.
  • Ready To Drink Wine Glass

    The concept is based upon the use of a heatsealing aluminium compound to seal the specially treated glasses in a lowpressure. The head space prevents the opening and drinking phases from any drip.
  • Pet Botttles For Various Usage

    Different capacity and shape pet bottles for your choosing.
  • Color Cosmetics Packaging For Your Choosing

    Color Cosmetics Packaging,Eyeliner,Lipstick Case,Mascara Bottle,Lip Gloss Tube
  • Conventional Jars Waitting For Your Choosing

    20ml jar,welcome you make enquiry from us at
  • Packaged food....still full of nutrients

    packaged food can be healthy if the nutrients are protected through out the supply chain.
  • Green Bottle For Milk

    Greenbottle has developed a much greener solution which can replace plastic milk bottles. Designed and manufactured in britain, greenbottle is a biodegradable milk bottle that uses a smart twopart system to aid recycling.
  • New Cooking Oil Spray

    the system employs a special valve system and a unique actuator that atomizes pure oil without additives. it dispenses cooking oil and similar oil using a system that is reliant upon air rather than propellants.
  • High Barrier Compostable Packaging Films To Increase The Shelf Life Of Chocolates

    It has the best moisture barrier of any biopolymer film currently available, which has been achieved through innovia films unique coating technology.
  • Sippytop Cap

    Tricorbraun provided the company with a sippytop cap closure that helps reduce the spills that typically follow a toddler. The sippytop cap is ergonomically shaped especially for a toddlers mouth.
  • Dip & Squeeze Ketchup

    Heinz describes the dip & squeeze as a true packaging breakthrough as the lid can be peeled back for easy dipping or the tip torn off to squeeze onto foods.
  • double down bottle from tricor braun

    double down is a spot remover that is made from two ingredients that cannot be mixed until they are applied to a garment or carpet. tricorbraun helped develop a package that evenly mixes both ingredients in midair before they are applied.
  • The Evolution Of Laundry Detergent

    This is worlds smartest laundry detergent method laundry detergent with smartclean technology this revolutionary new detergent is powered by a patentpending formula in a customdesigned pump bottle.
  • Anti Vibration Levelling Pads , Mounting Pads

    Anti vibration levelling pads specially for plastic injection moulding mc, extruder, blow moulding, compressor, cutter grinder etc. And also for workshop machinery generating vibration. Specialist for rubber moulde parts & cast pu items.
  • lh2o bottle

    lh2o is not an interpretation of water as element, but rather a reinterpretation of its form. it is an innovative packaging solution that protects and maintains the purity of its content.
  • innovative blister packaging

    This awardwinning, patented pharmaceutical packaging is designed around a unique operating system that takes healthcare packaging to a new level.
  • Innovative Pet Water Bottle

    The sleek, clear, grooveless shape of the bottle magnifies the mulhacn mountain sierra nevada, spain arising from its base, conveying the sense of purity and natural origin of the brand in a single powerful message.
  • new package design for dialhenkel roll out this week

    tirso olivares designs new bottle for henkels soft scrub total bath & bowl spray, communicating strength and performance with distinctive, ergonomic structure
  • Easy Pour Container For Dangerous Liquids

    A&c packers developed a proprietary sixlayer extrusionblowmoulded hdpe container with the necessary barrier made of duponts selar polyamide, an amorphous nylon resin that needs no fluorination.
  • Strike Maker

    The white glass bottle is moulded in the shape of a skittle with ceramic printing and a ropp aluminium cap.
  • Autoprint Reckoner Vdp 50

    Digital inkjet printing technology opens up a whole new world of business opportunities for commercial printers.