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Webinar on Modified Atmosphere Packaging-What, Why and How?

Gurugram, India, 23 Feb 2021- Packaging Connections has started with a series of webinars during January’2021. After successfully completing the first two on “Packaging Connections A New Start-2021”and “Functional and Qualification test for Prefilled Syringes”. The company is coming up with a new free webinar on an important topic MAP. The company has completed the initial research on “Modified Atmosphere Packaging- What, Why and How?” The webinar will cover the following topics like:


What is Map?

 Why Map?

How Map?

Where to Map?

Active Packaging

Quality and Testing Requirement

Safety aspects of Map

Map Regulation

Advantages of Map

Disadvantages of Map


The webinar will be live two times( 2pm-3pm and 8pm-9pm) on 23nd February 2021 to have global coverage. You can choose your preferred time slot. Webinar is free but recordings/presentation copy will be available at a nominal fee.

 For Registration click on the- Modified Atmosphere Packaging- What, Why and How? (

Tuesday, February 23, 2021 - 14:00 to 15:00
Online/ Digitally
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