• Thermochromic tabs make chilled cans colorful and easy to spot

    Interactive packaging for beverage cans, Inks which will alarm you while drinking your soft drink can for chilled or not.

  • Aptar Introduces New Concentrate Dispensing Solution

    Dispensers for concentrated liquids, Hand wash, dish wash etc

  • The RS01 monodose dry powder inhaler from Plastiape

    Monodose dry and fine powder inhaler for pharmaceutical use.

  • New Bicor, Metallyte and Label-Lyte films for a range of applications

    A High Barrier OPP & PO films for Packaging of so many products right from cereals to snack food.

  • Cool spin by Alba: A spinning, cooling eye contouring applicator


    cosmetic brands have been developing premium skincare ranges bringing the relaxing spa experience home. albéa follows this trend and goes beyond to offer to the market, an innovative spinning, cooling eye contouring applicator with a ceramic tip. this innovative applicator has been developed through the albéa tips studio and brings together all the albéa group&39s applicator knowhow in fibre and plastic mascara brushes, gloss applicators, eyeliner and other beauty tips. here we can invent, develop and produce applicator solutions that enhance makeup application techniques and multiply their effects. with cool spin, the ceramic tip stays cool while you use the product for refreshing feeling, relaxing sensation and greater formula efficiency. the applicator rolls on the skin for a delicate comfortable massage around the eye. the roundshaped tip is designed to fit the eye contour zone when rolling for a soft and natural gesture. cool spin is suitable for eye contour formulas such as antiageing, antipuffiness and more, allowing viscosities from serum to cream. it is featured in a slim, stylish elegant bottle, where both cap and bottle are customizable.  cool spin is filled by albéa full service with perfectly suited formula mixing serum treatment and primer.  

  • Aptar's Beauty & Home division's 5 flagship packaging formats for every Indian youth!

    When we look for good and robust product dispensers and associated formats, the five letter word Aptar pops up immediately in our mind.
  • ABC's of Package Tests: Stiffness (Handle-O-Meter)

    The Handle-O-Meter stifness tester has a flat plate to hold the specimen over a slot, a bar which forces the film through the slot and a strain gauge to sense the force exerted against the bar by the film sample. 

  • Flexible packaging for two products

    Two products with spouts in a single pouch is the great innovation patmented by Oleksandr Grytsenko from Ukarine.
  • Freeze Indicator: Temperature Monitoring of Sensitive Substances

    About one in five temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products is damaged due to a broken cold chain while being shipped. Particularly affected are sensitive substances such as biopharmaceuticals and vaccines. Therefore, seamless monitoring that indicates for instance if a pharmaceutical has been exposed to freezing temperatures is imperative.

  • Envio Films


    Coveris introduced its latest packaging solution, envio films, at pack expo. the forming and nonforming films offer cheese producers advantages in ease of use, food safety, cost containment and shelf impact. this film is compatible with hffs machines, with no need for forming or sealing temperatures adjustments or changing sealing pressure and vacuum timing. the caliper control increases machine efficiencies and eliminates baggy edges and tracking problems. the extreme toughness and hermetic seals ensure lockin freshness and protection of the product through the entire distribution chain. they offer excellent oxygen and moisture barrier protection and uniform material distribution in formed pockets leads to minimization of pinholes and blowouts coveris global logistics network ensures that films are available as needed. once products reach the stores, envio films will grant the maximum shelf impact. the film&rsquos 2030 haze reduction 4.5 haze& 86 gloss combined with flexo and hd printing options lets the meat or cheese shine through the pack.

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