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Hand Lift Your Package With Extra Smartness

I am sure we all must have lifted this pack once in our lifetime and what did it feel like….gurrr, “It is quite heavy, why can’t there be some easy option to lift it up?” Ofcourse when it comes to labours lifting such heavy boxes or crates or shrink wrapped cases we generally don’t bother, right?

Recently in an exhibition I saw workmen lifting these shrink cases with one hand through a big hole that they dig into the shrink film. But is it actually the right way to handle our lovely shrink wrapped bottle case? I don’t think so.

Such issues are not only with water bottles or beverage bottles. The same problem arises when we buy an electric fan or a table fan or some other electrical appliance. We have to hold it using both the hands and then woooosh…we are not left with any third hand to do more shopping 

Being a packaging professional we feel bad at these sights and we often think of giving industry some solutions.  One such solution is “Carry Handle Tapes” (CHT). Yes you read it right – These adhesive based carry handles are an effective yet simple option, tape that acts as a handle, based of adhesive yet very strong to hold a heavy weight package.

This could be applied onto versatile substrates like paperboard, CFB, plastic jars or bottles, shrink wrapped cases and also on flexible packs. It is a self-adhesive tape with a unique hot melt adhesive that could carry a package weight upto 18kg. This could be applied either manually (Detachable CHT) or automatically through applicators.

If you are a beverage manufacturer, tissue paper manufacturer, retail store owner, delivery company, co-packer, hyper mart or modern bazaar owner, FMCG, food brand manager – this product is for you.

For the environmentalist – this product could be of interest since it provide sustainable option by reducing usage of plastic, supporting clear environment goals (both for private and retail labels).

For brand owners – it gives a direct top space to advertise your product or special message for your customers.

So what are waiting for, contact us for more information / samples of this carry handle tape.



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