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Carry Handle: An eco-friendly and convenient option for the Retail world

The use of plastics, especially single-use plastics, has devastating consequences. Globally, almost 300 million tons of plastic products are produced every year, and a significant portion out of it is used for packaging. These plastics then end up in landfills and the ocean, where it creates numerous environmental problems.

Today, it is the responsibility of all businesses, irrespective of their industry, to come up with ways to reduce their reliance on plastics. The significance of the retail sector can’t be overstated. It is the commercial endpoint of any supply chain, and the first in-person interaction a business has with its customers.

The essential role retail organisations enjoy in the market means that they need to play their part by curbing the use of plastics. While retail stores generally don’t have a say in the packaging decisions of different brands, they can still make a difference by targeting plastic bags and other single-use items by replacing them with eco-friendly options like the carry handle.

There are several alternatives that retail stores can use to replace plastic bags. However, almost all of them demand several compromises and some additional costs to maintain the same comfort levels for the customers.

For retail environments looking to adopt sustainable practices, the carry handle is a perfect product.

Eco Friendly Carry handle tape: The perfect solution

One major way retailers can use to achieve their environmental goals is by using the Carry handle tape. Carry handles are perhaps the most natural and effective alternatives that can be immediately deployed in the retail sector. They are a sophisticated option that not only reduces consumer’s overall reliance on plastic bags but also is extremely comfortable and convenient for everyone.

Some of the unique qualities of the carry handle tape that make is a suitable choice for the retail sector are:

1 – Convenient to use: The carry handle tape is extremely convenient to apply. Each handle comes with two adhesive legs which stick to your package, while in the center of such a strip, there is a grab insert produced from paper or other material enabling convenient lifting of a pack.

2 – Lightweight, but sturdy: The carry handle may sound like a weak add-on, but that’s not true. Davik’s carry handle tape, for instance, comes with the inherent ability to sustain about 40 pounds without any damage. This is more than enough for almost all retail environments as most packages tend to weigh less.

3 – Cost-effective: The carry handle tape does not have a long list of prerequisites, so you won’t have to make any significant investments outside the actual cost of the product. Especially for retails – there’s an option instead of automatic application, to apply the handle manually, while having them detached used the perforation between each handle on a roll.

4 – Versatile: Versatility is one of the biggest reasons why some people still cling to plastic bags despite their obvious drawbacks. The carry handle tape is just as versatile. From shrink wraps to cartons and food bags, the adhesive handle can attach to almost all the surfaces you may find in a retail environment.

5 – Customizable: Running a unique promotion, or want your customers to know about a new location? The carry handle has got you. The handle is a perfect spot for your retail store to send a message and add a unique flair for the customers.

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