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7 Reasons to use corrugated protective packaging

• Using protective packaging made of corrugated and foam material reduces the weight of cargo with more than 50% compared to wooden crates.

• The price of raw materials is important in heavy duty packaging. Lately, wood prices have gone up dramatically compared to corrugated.

• Wooden containers used in international shipping must be chemically or heat treated against pests. This treatment is necessary but makes the wood more expensive. The use of corrugated packaging circumvents all these issues.

• The time to cut and mount a corrugated box with foam inserts normally takes up about 30% of the time it takes to create a wooden container. Designing and producing samples is a matter of minutes.

• A quick turn around time is guaranteed. It takes about 12 minutes to pack an item with the volume of 2 m². These container designs are stored in templates for you to choose from and use or reuse immediately.

• Protective packaging is designed so that it is very straightforward, clean and fast to unpack at the destination. There is no need for heavy tools and it is easy to dispose of as recycle points are found everywhere.

• Ecologically speaking, producing protective packaging out of corrugated materials is a very sound decision.


• Maximum protection of the product

• Custom-made in a variety of sizes and strengths according to your needs

• Reduced Transport Costs

• No Surface Damage

• Impact Protection & Shock Absorption

• Returnable, Reusable & Recyclable



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