packaging innovation

Take away bucket that can print smartphone photos

A sunscreen aerosol can, that identifies skin-type, sun levels and calculates the maximum “safe” time in the sun.

The NaPak packaging tray has been developed for take-out orders at the movie theatre, offering a more hygienic option for holding fried snacks such as nachos or french fries and as a holder for the cup at their chair.

An extrusion coated sealant with chemically clean and chemical resistant contact layer providing outstanding water vapor and oxygen barrier

Single piece cardboard packaging made up for bath shower kit.

Single layer sustainable pack developed for brand Gem.

 It help to enable and enhance bolus or rate-based injectable therapies

Stiplastics designed and developed a new solution to dispense gel capsules known as Capsu’Matic

In the competitive confectionery segment, packages must immediately engage consumers, and Choco Zoo does just that with its eye-catching design.

 Murray Goulburn launched their new Devondale flavoured milkshake range in a stackable cup and lid format by replacing its older format of plastic bottle. 


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