Spout for Liquid Paper Cartons

DNP Develops the Industry's First Spout for Liquid Paper Cartons that Allows Opening of the Cap and the Inner Plug in a Single Motion


Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has developed a spout for use with paper cartons for liquids, such as fruit juices and alcohol. The development of the new spout marks yet another industry first for DNP, and is a universal design intended to make it easier and more convenient for more people, including the elderly, to open such cartons. Currently available spouts for use with paper cartons for liquids include an inner plug with a pull ring. When opening, it can be difficult to insert the finger into the pull ring, and considerable strength is required. For this reason, such spouts have presented the challenge of being difficult to open for the elderly and the infirm. In order to overcome this challenge, DNP has referenced universal design concepts to allow as many consumers as possible to open such spouts in a carefree manner, and has developed a totally new spout with no pull ring. By turning the cap it is also possible to open the inner plug with just a single motion. The inner plug lets out a "click" like sound when opened, allowing consumers to confirm that they have successfully opened the container. As the inner plug can be opened without a pull ring, consumer concerns, such as difficulty in hooking the finger on a pull ring, or the need to apply strength, or, yet again, that the contents splash out when opening the spout, can all be overcome. And as the consumer's hand does not come into contact with the new spout, it also boasts superior hygienic properties.   As the inner plug and the cap become an integrated single entity, this means that there is no pull ring that needs discarding following the opening of the spout.

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