PETG Thermoformed Package

PETG thermoformed tri-fold, NorthStar’s Radiogenix™ Isotope Separation System’s packaging is designed to hold and protect three separate bags filled with liquid reagents, one being caustic, and its tubing during storage, shipping and handling. The package itself is part of the technetium-99m generator process.This unique packaging designed for NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes Radiogenix™ Isotope Separation System’s product.


“PETG thermoformed tri-fold” the packaging design resulted from NorthStar’s desire to consolidate a number of key components into one module and Barger’s ability to make concepts a reality. The resulting reagent pack is easy to store, install and dispose of after use while performing in contents’ inspections, providing a real benefit for customers using NorthStar’s RadioGenix™ System.” The intelligent packaging assembly is designed to hold and protect product contents during shipping and handling as well as during use with convenience engineered into design features including a 360° perforated panel at the base of the unit. As an integral component of NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes’ technetium-99m generation process, the package and product work together in order to create critical and commonly used isotopes for use in medical diagnostic and imaging procedures. After use, the package holding depleted product consisting of three liquid reagent bags, one being caustic, tubing and couplers are discarded together ensuring handler safety while providing functionality, ease of use and disposal. Barger, a leading custom medical device packaging designers and thermoformers in North America, has been honored with an Institute of Packaging Professionals (IOPP) AmeriStar award and World star award 2017 in the medical device category.

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