New way to Print tube digitally

The ToBeUnique system is an innovative method of digital printing of tube.


The ToBeUnique system is really unique in the which offers exclusively to its customers. This innovative method of digital printing differs from traditional system in two essential aspects: It allows to extend the printing process to the whole tube, including the end cap. It can be completely integrated with offset printing processes. It is 100% innovative and printed tube perfectly matches the customer’s artwork. It has a high color rendering and allows to customize the external surface with any kind of design, from the logo of the customer company to photographic reproduction. It frees creativity and phantasy. Every design can be tailored to the collapsible tube. It covers 70% of the range of aluminium tubes (from 15g to 40g) and can be fully integrated with the offset printing processes. This technology was honored with Worldstar 2017 by the World Packaging Organisation at Interpack 2017.

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