Food Packaging: Smart Packaging Technology Rapidly Changing the Economics of Connecting Objects to the Internet

Food Packaging Industry Using the Internet of Things to Make Processing Smarter


Food packaging market is by far the largest application segment of the packaging industry, accounting for more than one-third of the global packaging market. From a global perspective, the food packaging market is at a very interesting situation, where the market has almost reached a plateau in terms of technology in the more developed nations in North America and Europe, while the emerging countries of Asia Pacific region are playing catch up to the packaging technologies and food supply chain management.

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Advances in technology have a way of changing how nearly all industries operate; the food industry is no exception. With the growth and availability of the Internet of Things (IoT), the food industry is in line for some major shifts—especially when it comes to trends in food safety.The main reason for increasing preference for processed food is the shifting population dynamics towards urban centers from rural areas.This has resulted in the advent of dual income urban families, who prefer processed food due to time constraints. 

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