Cream Jar with rippled effect

By using new injection molding process, AMOREPACIFIC was able to achieve the extraordinary rippled effect with a 76% reduction in material waste


AMOREPACIFIC’s Prime Reserve cream jar with the consumer experience had elegant design. This cream jar provides consumers the ultimate indulgence and is an attractive addition to the consumers’ personal care product display in the home. Made of ten different components, this molded “jar within a jar” conveys luxury with its remarkable feel and weight. Due to AMOREPACIFIC’s technology, product manufacturers can decorate the outer jars while leaving the inner jar untouched and, if the formulation of the product is ever altered, the outer jar can still remain the same. The previous package had the same water ripple effect but was made using the CNC shaving process. By using the new injection molding process, AMOREPACIFIC was able to achieve the same extraordinary effect with a 76% reduction in material waste. This package was a great success in molding advancement, consumer indulgence and sustainability, going well beyond what was expected to deliver a high level of premiumness and distinctiveness. 

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