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Single Cast Wide Neck PET Cup

Released: Tue, 07/06/2010 - 14:43 By Anonymous
Contact Person :
Sebastian Glaser
+49 (0)221 80 10 87-80

The packaging specialist GIZEH PET is manufacturing a new wide neck PET cup with a crimped aluminium cover for chewing gum tablets for Top Sweets International. The crystal clear cup is clearly more enhanced in appearance than comparable conventional packaging and requires neither a crease nor sharp edge along the neck. This was made possible through manufacturing using the so-called stretch blow moulding method with which PET containers can be manufactured from a single casting.


While conventional vessels with this type of catch are manufactured using the two-stage method, the new GIZEH cup is given its final form in a single processing step. The usual second work operation with which the preform must be extruded, cut at the neck and folded in a separate plant is omitted. This offers several advantages: Instead of a sharp lip and a crease, the new GIZEH container harmoniously seals the mouth of the cup with a rounded contour. As a result of the rounded interior contour of the opening no sharp edge is produced after the aluminium ring pull catch is opened. The surface also profits from the single-step procedure: Scratches are prevented by manufacturing from a single casting since the preforms do not even come into contact with each other and thus scratching on the surface is practically impossible.


The new packaging was developed for Top Sweets International in only eight weeks and is manufactured by GIZEH at the Elsterwerda plant. The substantial advantages include a crystal clear view of the product in combination with the high-quality label, as well as the practical package size and handling. The 13 gram lightweight cups are sealed with a crimped aluminium cover. On top is a resealable, injection-moulded plastic slip-lid that is likewise manufactured by GIZEH. The chewing gum tablets “Evident” are now available in five flavours exclusively at Aldi Nord.



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