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Ready To Drink Wine Glass

Released: Tue, 03/16/2010 - 11:55 By Anonymous
1/4 Vin
Contact Person :
+ 33 494 13 00 15
+33 494 13 00 13

The concept is based upon the use of a heat-sealing aluminium compound to seal the specially treated glasses in a low-pressure. The head space prevents the opening and drinking phases from any drip. This head space is inert and contains an average rate of residual oxygen lower than 0.8% (1% maxi). The wine is therefore not facing any oxidation.
The depression effect results in a concave lid. The characteristic ‘pop’ noise made by air entering the glass ensures the product quality.

Both red and white wines of the Classique Chateau Roubine are currently available in ‘One Glass Wine’ PET ‘glasses’ at the Sketch Pierre Gagnaire pop-up café at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. The product is totally airtight and protected from the outside environment. The thermo sealing process preserves the flavours in the wine for many months and maintains the roundness and elegance of the tannins. The seal is easy to peel and leaves a clean lip (rim). Being lightweight and 100% recyclable the One Glass Wine also contributes to the environment.


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