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PixelProof examines imprinted packaging, package inserts as well as foils and labels with regard to their accuracy and highlights potential errors. The examination software compares the object to be examined with the reference sample given. The slightest discrepancies will be displayed and marked in colour in a split second on the screen. The results of the examination will be deposited in a data base. These data are at once at the user’s disposal for reports and in the audit trail for tracking purposes.


Slightest differences in the image, the script or the form will be identified absolutely reliably, marked and documented in a data base. Even the slightest discrepancies like e.g. a dot on an ‚i’ or asian fonts are no problem for the examination software PixelProof.


PixelProof page 2/4

The use of the system PixelProof is very easy, it delivers absolutely reliable examination data and enables the specific department in charge to provide a reliable quality assurance.


Before starting the printing procedure: comparison of the digital data and/or printed documents.

Release procedure

Before the release of the printing plates, the separate print, punching release, imprinting for the Braille script, outgoing goods inspection and of course the incoming goods inspection in the pharmaceutical company.

Field of application

Pharmaceutical company:

Packaging development

Incoming goods inspection


Printing plant:

Printing release

Outgoing goods inspection

Creation of certificate


PixelProof for an examination work place

The examination software may be installed with standard hardware.

The performance


PixelProof disposes of an intuitive user interface and thus enables an easy handling without the necessity of an intensive training.

User-guided error ascertainment

The system guides the user to the discrepancies found. Optionally, one may need to acknowledge the discrepancies.

Multilateral projects

The examiner may process several pages, different clippings, random tests and the examination of the Braille in one project.

Examination of a segment

Partial segments may be separately examined and saved in the respective project. Thus one may examine even difficult parts simply and reliably.

Data base

The basis for the storage of the examination results is a data base (Microsoft SQL server or Oracle). This ensures the easy transfer into other software systems like e.g. SAP.

PixelProof page 3/4

User administration

Each user receives his own log-on data for the software. Thus the traceability of the executed activities is ensured. Additionally there are three different user levels (user, superuser, administrator). That is why the normal user will not be baffled with uncountable setting options.


A protocol, the so-called audit-trail, will be saved in the data base.

Digital signature

Each project may be saved with a digital signature in order to rule out unauthorised changes.


The system is compliant to Concurrent License.

Work place administration

On request the system may work with a central data base server for storage means. It can be accessed from different/several work places.

Barcodes (e.g. EAN, NZB, Code39, Laetus and so on)

Through scanning with a bar code pistol the user may check if a code is readable and if it shows the specified combination of figures. In future the reading of the barcodes will be integrated into the scanning process (not validated).

Braille script

The examination of the Braille script is integrated into the system. It can be examined directly within the project by aid of a scanner or a camera system. The Braille dots will be detected, given out in plain text and compared to the reference sample.

PixelProof page 4/4

Import of data

Prevalent image file format as well as pdf files may be imported.

Adobe-Acrobat may be used to import pdf files to ensure that no alterations will spoil the file. Alternatively the use of ghostscript is also possible.


Gradient Systemintegration GmbH offers its aid while integrating PixelProof into your network. The attachment to data bases already in use may be performed through our qualified personnel as well.


The installation/integration of P

ixelProof is accompanied by a special training.

Special solutions

This examination software has been entirely developed in our company. We are at your disposal for adjustments like e.g. protocol print out as well as data transfer into other systems like SAP.


Together with P

PixelProof corresponds to the requirements of GMP as well as to those of Part 11.

We are at your disposal for the internal validation and offer counselling and executive support with regard to validation documentation.

ixelProof you receive a validated examination software that has been certified by the DQS (Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Zertifizierung von Managementsystemen GmbH = German Society for the Certification of Management Systems).

Gradient Systemintegration GmbH

We are a company that works on the special subject of image analysis since 1995.

Our team of development experts may refer to long years of experience in the field of software development for image analysis, image comparison and text identification. The development of the software is influenced by constantly rising expectations of the market.

In close cooperation with our clients we succeeded with regard to PixelProof in developing a powerful and user-oriented system for our innovative customers.



The examination procedure of samples and documents with PixelProof is processed via menu. The process of each examination procedure is identical and eliminates each type of error source. Exhaustion of the user, changes of lighting conditions and so on do not have any influence on the examination results.






Application areas

In order to meet the high standards of the pharmaceutical industry and to ensure a safe and traceable quality control our development team created an innovative product in close collaboration with users to ease the time-consuming examination work in the incoming and outgoing goods inspection. The hand operated examination by aid of blue prints is substituted by the fast and absolutely secure digital examination system.

The often incorrect and time-consuming manual examination belongs to the past.


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